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Welcome to FoothillsBusinessDaily.com. We post stories a few times every weekday. So a few times a day, you'll find interesting stories about businesses and about government decisions that affect business. Our stories are short, to the point, interesting and helpful.

We aim to give businesses an outlet to tout their own successes while offering news and information small businesses need to make decisions or keep up with trends and issues in the area from Saratoga Springs to Bolton Landing. 

The future of news is online, and Foothills Business Daily is structured as an “online-first” organization. Unlike most news outlets in the area, we offer an easy-to-use online platform that draws readers and drives sales for advertisers, especially smaller advertisers, local companies and start-ups.

To read more about Editor/Publisher Steve Thurston's views on the future of news and his hopes for FoothillsBusinessDaily.com, read the profile from the people at the Saratoga CoLab, a group that FoothillsBusinessDaily.com supports.

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Publishing Schedule:

We publish on business days, excepting the week between Christmas and New Year's Day, and one week during August, TBA. We do not publish on federal/bank holidays.

FBD is run by Steve Thurston, a Queensbury graduate, who spent 22 years teaching news writing and journalism in the Washington D.C. area. He has published--or been published in--dead-tree-paper newspapers, newsletters, and magazines. He has published and edited blogs and websites. His work has been featured in industry publications such as Nieman Journalism Lab reports, the Poynter Institute, the j-Lab/Knight Community News Network, and Publishers' Auxiliary.

He is a member of the ISWNE, the International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors and LION, the Local Independent Online News association. Foothills Daily News, LLC, is an independently owned and operated company. We are not a part of any campaigns, and we do not write propoganda for political parties or corporations.

Steve Thurston Steve Thurston, publisher of Foothills Business Daily, has been a journalist and journalism educator for over 25 years. He has won awards and worked as an editor and publisher. His work has been highlighted in the Washington Post, Poynter Institute, Knight Community News Network and elsewhere. Reach him at steve@foothillsbusinessdaily.com